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RADICAL RIMU Attitude Determination/Calibration Filter
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The RADICAL filter has many features that address common requirements, plus many advanced features for enhanced functionality, performance, and reliability. The following is a partial list of features.

  • Efficient, modular software in C
  • Default and active parameter tables
  • Initialization with cold or warm start
  • Processing of disjoint telemetry segments (i.e., with long gaps)
  • Data buffering and time synchronization
  • UD factorized covariance for numerical stability and accuracy
  • Parity measurement update for full observability of RIMU calibration parameters
  • Advanced measurement error models for optimal measurement updates
  • Fault detection and performance monitoring functions
  • Command interface and direct access to public functions (host-to-filter interface)
  • Command interpreter for desktop analysis and design, and for automated ground-based processing
  • Telemetry data output in a choice of three different sized packets (customizable)
  • Summary output upon reaching the end of a telemetry file
  • Diagnostic output data
  • Filter state checkpoint written, upon command, to a file or sent as a data packet
  • Matlab support software for generating simulated sensor data and for graphing filter output

These features are described in more detail on the following sections.