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RADICAL RIMU Attitude Determination/Calibration Filter
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The benefits of using RADICAL include:

  • Script files and command-line input facilitate setup and execution for desktop analysis and ground-based processing.
  • The design engineer can quickly perform trade studies, performance analyses, and Monte-Carlo analyses.
  • Eliminate software development time and cost.
  • Easily process volumes of telemetry.
  • Obtain reliable results by using a full calibration model, factorized covariance calculations, and other features.
  • Use the core filter functions and command or function interfaces for real-time processing.

Additional benefits of using the RADICAL attitude determination/calibration filter are

  • Reliability — by using the best numerical algorithms and by extensive testing and practical use
  • Availability — RADICAL is ready to support any spacecraft project, whether planned, in development, or in operation
  • Performance — by using the most advanced algorithms implemented in C
  • Cost effectiveness — as an alternative to expensive in-house development and maintenance
  • Dedicated expertise — through experience in practical application
  • Continued improvement — to provide customers with the best possible attitude determination and calibration software