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The Redundant IMU (RIMU) Attitude Determination/Calibration (RADICAL TM) Filter estimates attitude, relative misalignments (interlocks) of star trackers, and a full set of calibration parameters for a Redundant IMU, which comprises > 3 gyros, or an IMU with 3 gyros. The IMU calibration parameters include, for each gyro, bias, symmetric and asymmetric scale factors, and a pair of sense axis misalignments. The RADICAL filter is based on an advanced calibration model and numerically stable algorithms for reliability and accuracy. See the Software Tools and Brochures for detailed information on the RADICAL filter.

The RADICAL filter is ideal for

  • Desktop analysis and design
  • Automated or semi-automated ground-based processing of telemetry
  • Real-time on-orbit attitude determination and calibration

The RADICAL software incorporates not only the best algorithms, but also relevant experience. RADICAL has advantages in

  • Reliability
  • Availability
  • Performance
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Dedicated expertise
  • Continued improvement

The RADICAL solution makes sense in a world of tighter requirements, shorter procurement schedules, smaller design teams, and limited research and development funds. RADICAL is a cost-effective alternative to in-house development.

RADICAL is offered as COTS software, or we can provide system design, analysis, and data processing services.

Contact ACS to discuss licensing RADICAL or to perform attitude determination and calibration for you.