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Matlab Central, File Exchange, Newsgroups, Blogs
If you need a piece of mathematical software, want to stay informed about Matlab, or have a problem with Matlab or one of its toolboxes, chances are good that relevant information can be found at Matlab Central.
Website of Malcom Shuster
Malcolm Shuster is one of the preeminent scholars in the field of attitude determination. He has provided access to his life's work at his web site.
Malcolm created a list of those that he sees as the most prominent figures in the field of attitude determination.
xTime Date/Time Conversion Utility
Julian Date Calculator
IERS Earth Orientation Centre
Earth orientation parameters, date converter, polar motion, ...
Day of Year Calendar
USNO IERS Rapid Service/Prediction Center
IERS Rapid Service/Prediction Center for Earth Orientation Parameters
IERS Bulletins, IERS Conventions (2003)
USNO Time Service Department
Tutorials on time and leap seconds, and related information
USNO Earth Orientation Matrix Calculator
This new service is being implemented and may be ready in Spring 2010.
Paris Observatory Earth Rotation Matrix Calculator
The implementation and accuracy of this calculator are not easily determined. This calculator should be quite sufficient for accuracy down to the milli-arcsecond level.
What is Earth Orientation?
What is a Leap Second?
International Earth Rotation and Reference Systems Service (IERS)
The Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues
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